Strengths and Weaknesses of Viral Marketing

Strengths and Weaknesses of Viral Marketing

As with other marketing strategies, viral marketing also has several advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the advantages:

Consumers can invite or refer their friends or colleagues to shop.
Companies that use this marketing program will be defended by their customers, and this is done because consumers already feel part of the company.
Viral marketing will save promotion costs, because consumers will be the promoters. This marketing strategy will not harm consumers because consumers feel that they are not part of the employee. So you don’t need to feel a burden and morals in carrying it out.
No need to educate the market because consumers already know your online business.
This marketing strategy will not interfere with other strategies that you have run. Instead, viral marketing will complement the other marketing strategies you have.
Besides having many advantages, it turns out that this type of marketing strategy also has weaknesses, including:

The ability of recipients of information in capturing messages, and not all consumers are able to receive messages conveyed properly.
You can not guess whether the marketing strategy that is run successfully and will get good results or not.

Viral marketing has the potential to increase brand awareness and sales of your online business. In addition, this technique can also be used to increase the popularity and sales of online businesses. Viral marketing will not succeed without creativity. Although it looks simple, but this marketing strategy must be run with careful planning. This marketing strategy will indeed be very profitable, especially to increase sales of your online business. However, the application must be well designed so that the execution carried out will also run according to expectations. In addition to preparing the right marketing strategy, a business certainly requires proper financial management. To do accurate accounting and business financial reports, use the Journal online accounting application.

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