Types of Branding

Types of Branding

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a. Product branding
Is the most common type of branding. This is because a successful product or brand is a product that is able to encourage consumers to choose their products over competing products.

b. Personal branding
Is the most popular marketing tool among public figures such as artists, musicians, politicians, and others so that they have their own views in the eyes of the public.

c. Corporate branding
All aspects of the company from the products or services offered to employee contributions in the eyes of the community. Corporate branding is very important to develop the company’s reputation in the market.

d. Geographic branding
Aim to introduce a product or service when a location name is mentioned by someone. So when someone mentions the name of a city such as yogyakarta then one can immediately remember warm or bakpia.

e. Cultural branding

Function and Purpose of Branding

As a differentiator, where companies that have strong brands will be easily distinguished from competitors.
Promotion and appeal, if you have a strong brand then promotion will be easier to do. Customers tend to choose brands that are strong and loyal to the same brand.
Building an image, belief, quality assurance and prestige, these things will make your business memorable.
Market control: a strong brand can control the market because people already know it.
While the purpose of branding itself is to shape people’s perception, build community trust in brands and build community love for brands. The purpose of this branding is one of the things that is very beneficial for the company. Strong branding will make customers more confident with your product and more loyal to your company.

Benefits of Branding

As mentioned above, branding is important for companies, especially in this era. One reason is because there will be many benefits that companies can get.

Give appeal to consumers.
Make it easy for companies to get customer loyalty for your product or service.
Open up opportunities for companies to set high selling prices.
Opportunities for you as a business actor to make product differentiation
Being a differentiator or certain characteristics that distinguish the company’s products with products owned by competitors.
That’s an explanation of branding, then you can do branding for both your product and business venture. So that your business performance will continue to grow. Some companies are willing to build branding from their companies for years. Of course, the branding of this company spent a lot of money. Corporate branding also requires research so that companies are not misplaced by the desired branding.

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