Strategies for SME Products to be Accepted by Modern Retail

Strategies for SME Products to be Accepted by Modern Retail

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In general, a retail business is a business activity selling various goods or services for consumption directly or indirectly. The retail business in Indonesia can be classified into 2 namely, modern retail business and traditional retail business. Modern retail business is a development of traditional retail, which in practice applies modern concepts by utilizing technology, as well as accommodating lifestyle developments in the community or consumers. Until now, the number of SMEs in Indonesia has increased, making the government play a role in developing it. In addition to providing opportunities for SMEs to take part in exhibitions, the government is also working with the modern retail market. How can SME products penetrate distribution to the modern retail market? What are the strategies that can be applied so that SME products can be accepted by modern retail. Check out the full explanation below.

Tips for SMEs to Receive Modern Retail Products

Although your business is still at the level of SMEs, there is certainly a desire for SME products to be accepted at supermarkets or modern retail stores. But the fact is that up to now there are still many SMEs whose products have difficulty penetrating modern supermarkets or retail stores. Here are a few tips for SME products to be accepted by modern retail that you need to understand.

Have a complete idea. The point is, the modern retail store does not have time to just help you in developing every detail of the product that you have. Therefore, as much as possible all matters relating to your product ranging from brands, packaging, to marketing strategies you have to handle yourself if you want the modern retailers interested in the products you offer.
Have a marketing strategy that is right and clear.
Include all certificates related to product quality. Try the product that you offer is already licensed as a PIRT (Home Industrial Product) permit. By having the PIRT permit certificate, the products you offer in modern retail stores are more likely to be received
Has a product sales history. The popularity of the products that you offer will increase the interest of the modern retail stores that you are aiming for, then make you the supplier of the products in the store.
Avoid competing with modern retail store products. Every modern retail store usually has a product of their own brand. So, as much as possible you avoid to compete with the products they have made.
Trying to meet face to face with the authorities in a modern retail store. Because, if the modern retail store only asks you to send samples of the products you want to offer, then most likely the product that you send will only be ignored.
Bring samples of products when meeting with authorities in a modern retail store.

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