Branding: Elements, Types, Objectives, and Benefits You Need to Know

Branding: Elements, Types, Objectives, and Benefits You Need to Know

Globalization makes the boundaries of space in this world does not exist. Now all information is so easy to be accessed and enjoyed by all groups without exception. Of course, not only the limits of space but globalization also has an influence on all aspects of life, not least in the field of business.

Branding is one of the important things that must be built by a business in the era of globalization. The loss of restrictions makes business competition even tougher. See, companies or businesses that come from abroad can stand in Indonesia. Not even one or two in number but many. Therefore, as a business actor, you must also have and build a brand of your business venture. A strong brand can be easily recognized by consumers so that the number of competitors will not have an effect if your brand is already strong.

Definition of Branding

According to Kotler (2009), branding is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or combination of all that is intended to identify goods or services or groups of sellers by distinguishing them from competing goods or services. Gradually the definition of branding has grown until now branding is defined as a collection of communication activities carried out by the company in the framework of the process of building and growing a brand. For branding companies, not just your brand or product is known but also as the company’s overall image or how people feel that your company is the best.

The Branding Elements

  • Brand name
  • Logos, including types of logos, monograms, flags, and so on.
  • Visual appearance, such as product design, packaging design, uniform design, and others.
  • Spokesmen, such as co-founders, mascots, corporate figures
  • Sound, such as the sound icon, tone, song
  • Words, including slogans, taglines, jingles, and others.

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